Senin, 16 Desember 2013

Limerence: Doubt

I was sitting there, listening. He was humming Avril Lavigne's song, but I don't even remember which one.
I smiled a little. His song collections are weird. But, I love them. And then, I realized. I realized, I've always liked boys that has at least one song with weird genres in his phone. He may even have Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball in his phone. I'm starting to get confused. Should I like him?

I remember when we first talked. He said that, "love is like having a pen. When you're searching for it, you found that your friend's using it." I smiled. That time he was going to go camping. Then, we became close. He always tell me about his stories (with his girlfriend). Then our friends thinks that we're dating.

"You guys are dating?" one of our friends asked, when I was walking with him.
"No.." I answered, trailing off.
"Yes we are dating, you just stay quiet okay," he said quickly. I got quiet and laugh instead. But then, I remember that he has a girlfriend. And she's pretty. Much prettier than me.

But, I don't know.. I've never seen her laugh on his joke, like I always did. I'd always laugh to this guy's joke. But I've never seen his girlfriend do the same thing.

Even though his girlfriend is so considerate and kind I've never seen this guy ask her to accompany him to go anywhere, like he always do to me.
And I've never seen this guy take his girlfriend's hand and take her running with him. Like what he did to me.

But, still, he has a girlfriend.
No matter what he did to me, I can't like him, because he has a girlfriend.

Oh wait, he stopped humming.
Then he said,"Wait, where's my girlfriend?" I just shrugged.

December 12th, 11.56pm
Nexia Nevarachell

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