Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Ke$ha- Princess Kesha

yah aku suka lagu ini gara gara banyak mesonya ya gitu wes. apik ae ._.
O.K.! Fuck it!
Oh, oh, yeah!
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Time to get the day going, dressing up to the night
Yo, critter crew(say what)
Make princess Ke$ha look fine!
Add a little pinch of magic from my fairytale life,
And off we go, oh, oh(ha)
Look in the mirror, rub my eyes and what is this! ?
Some genie sluts smilin back, suck it bitch!
Yo, Mr.Raccoon pass the Jack I'll need a rinse
Trim it prim it dress it mess it yeah now that's my shit

I'm gettin ready so ni-i-ice(holla! )
It's kinda cool I gotta robot voice(check this shit out! )
The mirror lady bitch can deny-y-y
I'm gettin customized, customized, customized, right
I'm gettin' ready so tampons up
What up, mouse!
even with wedgt ridin' up my butt,
Thanks to mr.crow you sneaky little fuck,
I'm getting customized, customized, customized, right

Please, bitch!
A touch of glitter on my cheek
Now the look is complete

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