Minggu, 20 November 2011

Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine in :D

lagu ini unyu :3 dikenalkan oleh Miss Estu buat tugas :D
unyu maksimaaal.dan ini lagunya Frente .
pengen tak jadiin backsound blog tapi gaada -_- bzz

oke. lirik nya itu tentang cara menghindari setan dengan tersenyum ._.v
wes liaten ae wes :

Mommy told me something
A little kid should know
it's all about the the devil
and i learned to hate him so
She said he causes trouble when you let him in your room
He'll never ever leave you if your heart is filled with gloom

So let the Sunshine in
Face it with a grin
Smilers never lose
and Frowners never win
So let the sunshine in
face it with a grin
Open up your heart and let the sunshine in

When you are unhappy
The devil wears a grin
But oh he starts to run in
When the light comes prowling in
I know he'll be unhsppy
cause I'll never wear a frown
Maybe if we keep on smiling
He'll get tired of hanging round
If I forget to say my prayers
The devil jumps with glee
But he feels so awful awful
when he sees me on my kness
So if you feel of trouble
and you never seem to move
just open up your heart and let the sunshine in

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